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School Book Fairs

Your school can now choose to run 4 types of book fairs!

Childcare Book Fairs

Your child care centre can now choose to run 3 types of book fairs!

Online Book Fairs

Easy, fun, educational and PROFITABLE book fairs from any location.

The Book Warehouse is not just a seller of great books at fantastic prices.

We also

  • Run book fairs for schools and childcare organisations.
  • Provide the childcare sector with super value books in bulk for end of year celebrations.
  • Sell new picture book and fiction releases – COMING SOON!
  • Sell school resources – COMING SOON!

With over 2000 titles in stock it can take a long time to find the book/s you are looking for. Here are a few tips to make your time on our site more enjoyable and productive.

If you are looking for a specific book, use the search bar or the magnifying glass image and type in any of the following – ISBN, Title or Author

If you are looking for books on a general topic, for e.g. junior fiction, animals or cooking etc, then type it in and a selection of books will fill your screen.

If you are looking for books that are age appropriate simply type in the age of the child e.g. 3+. This will bring up a selection of titles suitable for that age group.

To discover more about our range, book fairs, book specials or to browse and start purchasing click on one of the links.