A successful fair requires thought, planning and promotion.

The harder we work together at it the more successful the fair will be. We will help you in any way we can. Set out below is a step-by-step guide that will help you achieve the goal of running a successful event.


Obviously the first step is to book a fair. This can be done by phone, email or filling out this form. We need some notice to pick and pack your fair and send out promotional material so suggest that you contact us as soon as you have sorted out a date.

Keep in mind that if you are wanting to run a fair during the official book week to book early as it is a popular date and while we try to accommodate everyone it does get very busy. Generally the goal of a book fair is to promote literacy and raise much needed funds and resources for the library / school.
To achieve this we need to build anticipation, interest, excitement and most importantly participation.


Start the build up by placing our ready made ads in your school newsletter a couple of weeks before the official start of the fair. We can also provide information on the hot sellers and bargain buys to wet their appetite. Another way to generate interest is to set up a display of books that we will be selling at the fair. This pack of hot sellers can be sent out in time to match the ads for the fair.


There are many options available to generate excitement at the fair. Here are a couple of tried and tested ideas that always work.

  • Costume Parade – children dress up as their favourite book character or dress up in accordance with the years theme for book week.
  • Art Competiton – children create a work of art relating to a theme.
  • Colouring in competition – works well with the younger year levels.

We are more than happy to provide gift vouchers as prizes.


The book fair is like running a business for a week. To generate sales you need customers! Send invitations to all the school community.

Teachers and all general staff should be invited to attend the fair. Send parents an invitation in the newsletter. Announce the fair dates at a general school assembly. Place the ads in the school newsletter. Place advertising banners and posters around the school - In the office, tuck shop, school billboard etc. It all helps to build an awareness that hopefully turns into sales. Many schools run a special night session for working parents to attend or a ‘grandparents day’ where they come to the fair, have a cuppa and time permitting might read a book to the grand kids.