Wombat Said Come In

Carmen Agra Deedy
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When Wombat welcomes five other animals into the safety of his burrow while a bushfire rages above, his anxiety grows – his peaceful home is becoming pandemonium!

While a bushfire is raging above, Wombat stays safe in his cozy burrow. What might he do when trouble – in the form of an unexpected guest – comes knocking at his door? One by one, five uniquely Australian animals – Wallaby, Kookaburra, Platypus, Koala, and Sugar Glider – appear. Wombat welcomes them all, with growing anxiety. Before long, Wombat’s peaceful burrow becomes a pandemonium of messy and unruly guests who take his favourite chair and wear his slippers.

What, oh what, is a big-hearted Wombat to do?

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