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Ellie Marnee
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If you have ever wanted to dip your pen into the world of creative writing, this collection of over 90 creative writing prompts will help you get started… right now!

Inside you’ll find a variety of prompts to spark your imagination and hone your skills in plotting out a story, setting a scene, developing vivid characters, writing effective descriptions, dialogue and more. Best-selling author and writing educator Ellie Marney also discusses how to write for a range of different genres, as well as writing from different perspectives (1st, 3rd and even 2nd person) and includes her helpful tips about what to do when you feel stuck.

With Ellie’s help, you’ll work through a variety of writing prompts and exercises to help you build your skills from mind mapping and brainstorming, to speed writing, trying out new genres and more. Bring your inner worlds to life and take your first steps into the rewarding pastime of creative writing.