Toodle the Cavoodle – Sniffle Snuffle

Richard Tulloch
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Toodle the Cavoodle is the new children’s book series from a seriously impressive line-up of Australian talent. Toodle already has his own hit song penned by songwriter to The Wiggles, an Ambassadorship no less, and an animated series in the works.

Toodle the Cavoodle tumbles and bumbles his way through the lively Lillipilly Lane community. The bouncy, boisterous puppy knows his neighbours best from his dog’s-eye view – the grubby gumboots grandma, the smelly sneakers grandpa, the girl with sparkly sandals and other friends.

But since he shares the emotions and understanding of a young child, Toodle’s whoops-a-diddle, let-me-help, getting-underfoot antics often lead to hilarious mini-dramas, before he succeeds in bringing both old and young people together. In the end, everybody loves Toodle!

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