The New Kid : Very Popular Me

James O’Loghlin
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Sam’s finally got what he always wanted – he’s popular!

He owns the school’s most wanted marble, kids sit with him at lunch and even Johnny Wilson has stopped calling him ‘Derr-brain’.

Things are looking up at home too. When his new baby sister arrives, he’ll no longer be a lonely, only child.

But when Sam becomes the teacher’s pet his popularity drops faster than a tomato in a lift. Soon even his best friend Gary won’t talk to him, and the new kid at home is an attention-sucking, crying disaster.

Who knew that getting exactly what you wanted could be so painful?

About the Author

James O’Loghlin is an author, broadcaster and a few other things. He grew up in Canberra as an only child, but his mother never checked that his shoes were on the right feet. James lives in Sydney with his wife and three daughters, who tell him when his jokes work, and when they don’t. This is his sixth book for children and second book in The New Kid series.

About the Illustrator

Matthew Martin is an internationally known cartoonist and illustrator. His work has appeared regularly in the Sydney Morning Herald, Time, Rolling Stone, The Times of London, and The New York Times.