Star Makers Club : Sam in the Spotlight

Anne-Marie Conway
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A hilarious, yet moving, story containing a life-affirming roller coaster of tween realities, Anne-Marie Conway is major new voice in fiction for girls. Age: 8 years +

Sam’s a bit of a show-off and is always the first one up on stage bragging about how fantastic she is. But when she turns down the chance to play the starring role in Star Makers’ latest production the Phantom Face – a musical murder mystery – no one can believe it! Little do they know that Sam’s confidence is slipping. All her shouting out and being the best at everything is simply her way of covering the secret she’s trying her best to hide. Because when a letter arrives out of the blue, Sam’s world is turned upside down – and getting a big part at drama club is suddenly the last thing on her mind. the letter is from Billy, the sister she never knew she had. Until now. As the Star Makers group work towards their production, Sam finds herself caught up in an unfolding drama of her own, a drama of secret meetings, cryptic messages and buried photos. Age: 8 years +

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