Space Pirates Treasure

Jim Ladd
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The fourth and final book in a fast-paced, funny series with gags galore, this is a chase through space that will have you cackling from start to finish!

Sam and the crew of the Jolly Apollo have nearly reached Planet X and its treasure, but the dastardly Black-Hole Beard has hitched his ship to theirs and he won’t buzz off. Maybe a trip into a deadly wormhole will scare him away? Maybe not…

About the Author

Jim Ladd is sadly not a real person, although there is a real author behind the Space Pirates series. If Jim did exist, we like to think that he’d live on an island with sharks swimming round it, writing on an old typewriter and wearing cut-off trousers with raggedy edges. He’d have a big beard and a telescope so he could keep an eye out for UFOs.