My Gran Does Karate

Michel Deverall
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My gran does Karate.

She knows how to block and chop and how to kick and spin.

Don’t let her wrinkles and old skinny bones fool you – my gran is REALLY strong!

This legendary lady is about to Hi-Yah her way into your heart and show you what grannies are really made of. But who will be in the firing line when Gran chops and blocks her way all over town?

Everyone thinks their grandma is the greatest, right? Meet the grandma giving her family A LOT to brag about! Unexpected and joyful, this is a light-hearted picture book debut by author Michel Deverall and brought to life with playful illustrations by Anna Demchenko. Michel is especially passionate about creating books that are engaging for reluctant readers. My Gran Does Karate has kicked this goal expertly!

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