Master Crook’s Crime Academy

Terry Deary
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Train at the world’s first crime academy! Laugh-out-loud
stories from the bestselling author of HORRIBLE HISTORIES.

2 books in 1!

Want to rob the rich and give to the poor? Worried about getting
caught? Then why not train at the world’s first crime academy!

Book 1: Classes in Kidnapping

The doors to Wildpool’s first workhouse are now open and Mr and
Mrs Humble run it with an iron fist. So much so, the poor would
rather be back on the streets! With the help of a few disguises,
a lesson in ransom notes and most importantly … a hostage – Master
Crook’s Crime Academy’s students are ready for another adventure.

Book 2: Safecracking for Students

Wildpool’s filthy rich are delighted – with a new bank in town,
at last their money will be safe from thieving hands. But they
haven’t banked on the wit, skill and genius of the Crime Academy
students, who are preparing for the greatest bank robbery of all

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