LEGO® Star Wars™: Strong with the Force Activity Book

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Build your own rebel soldier minifigure! Defy the galaxy’s scariest villains! In this activity book, you can power through tons of fun missions – and you’ll never get tired. Why not? You’re strong with the Force! Strut your stuff with the brave heroes of the LEGO® Star Wars™ resistance. You’ll get to race starfighters, chase baddies, battle with a lightsaber and do all the other cool things that Star Wars™ heroes do. Tackle puzzles, read funny comics and build your own LEGO® rebel soldier. Turn Vader’s bad guys into sad guys!

Activity book with a cool rebel soldier minifigure
Comic strips, puzzles, quizzes and activity missions
Includes mazes, matching games and code-breaking
Packed with jokes and LEGO® Star Wars™ artwork