I’m Dougal Trump… and it’s Not My Fault

D Trump
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Bart Simpson meets Just William! A hilarious new character for trouble-raising boys everywhere!

“I, Dougal Trump, am dead. OK, I’m not actually dead, but if I’m not very careful, I soon will be.”

In this first book, football-loving Dougal Trump finds himself at risk from the mysterious creature living in the garden shed. Nobody believes him but as a precaution, he sets upon writing his will – rewarding thise who help him, disinheriting those who get on his bad side, and fielding constant pleas from friends and associates [Cool will, Dougie! Can I have your playstation? – George]. Meanwhile, as limbs and windows alike are broken by rogue footballs and unhinged canines, Dougal finds himself in all sorts of trouble…