Hide & Peek: Unicorn

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Unicorn (Hide and Peek) is a playful, interactive board book, featuring flaps, sliding pull-tabs and pop-up pages that bring the story to life.

Join Amelia in this fun interactive picture book with pop-out flaps as she searches for traces of a unicorn in her house. Amelia is totally, completely, 100 percent certain that a unicorn is living in her house. But where is it?

This beautifully illustrated fun interactive book follows Amelia around throughout her house on her search. She follows a trail of sparkles and other clues, and on each page readers can spot glimpses of the unicorn hiding behind doors, in cupboards and under washing piles. Lift the flaps, pull the sliding tabs and open the pop-ups to help Amelia find her, as the clever interactive features bring this book to life!

Unicorn (Hide and Peek) is a playful, interactive board book with a fun peekaboo element which young children will love!