Emily Eyefinger Box Set

Duncan Ball
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Children who love a bit of mystery and adventure in their stories are going to love this Emily Eyefinger box set. It contains a fantastic selection of Emily Eyefinger stories that will have children wanting to go from book to book!

The Emily Eyefinger series was created by Duncan Bell and illustrated by Craig Smith. They make a great team and bring these quirky and adventurous stories to life in a fantastic and engrossing way. The story of Emily Eyefinger is about a little girl who was born with an extra eye on her finger! Many people were shocked at first, but Emily uses this to her advantage as she solves all kinds of cases around her town.

Each story features a fun caper that Emily needs to use her special eye to get to the bottom of. Classic Emily Eyefinger stories such as Emily Eyefinger: Secret Agent, Emily Eye finger and the Lost Treasure, Emily Eyefinger and the Devil Bones, Emily Eye Finger and the Ghost Ship, Emily Eyefinger and the City in the Sky, and Emily Eyefinger and the Secret from the Sea.

Each story is its own contained adventure that will have children excitedly turning each page. This collection also comes in a very cool collector’s box that has some fantastic artwork on it.