Disgusting & Dreadful Science: Ear-Splitting Sounds

Anna Claybourne
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A quirky, colourful guide to the horrible, shocking and disgusting aspects of the science of sound and a fantastic way to inspire children in science learning.

Learn all about the most disgusting and dreadful aspects of sound. From farting whoopee cushions to glass-smashing opera singers and music-loving pigs, this book is full of yucky, painful and fascinating facts.

It is part of the Disgusting and Dreadful Science series, which features a look at the weird, revolting and shocking aspects of science for children at KS2. It feature child-friendly text and amazing photographs and diagrams. From plants and life cycles to the human body and animal adaptations, the books offer Wow! fascinating facts, fun examples and true-life stories to provide ways in to understanding solid scientific principles.

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