Creature Files – Predators

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This fascinating and fierce collection of twenty of the world’s most dangerous animals includes three realistic replica claws!

Don’t make any sudden movements, because from the savanna to the snowy Arctic, vicious predators are poised to pounce!

In Creature Files: Predators, you’ll take a tour around the globe, learning about hunters like the lightning-fast peregrine falcon and the elusive snow leopard. Experience the fascinating world of claws and talons through this guide filled with juicy facts to chew on – like how gray wolves can eat up to twenty pounds in one meal, and the largest land predator (the polar bear) can weigh up to 1,200 pounds.

Animal lovers will find plenty of tidbits, such as which creatures are fastest, where they live, and what they eat. With beautiful photos on every page, this interactive tour also includes maps and even three realistic replica claws of some of the world’s most fearsome predators!