Cosmic Creatures: The Runaway Rumblebear

Tom Huddleston
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A whole new planet means a whole new world of animals that need rescuing! Cute, fantastical animal-adventure series for 7+ readers.

Charlie has arrived on Vela with her parents. They are the first humans to read the faraway planet with its twin suns and five moons. They are there to study the local plants and animals, but Charlie soon finds adventures around each new corner. And with hundreds of new animals to help and make friends with, she and her robot best friend, Random, are kept pretty busy…

Something has been stealing the humans’ food on planet Vela! Charlie discovers the thief – it’s a cheeky, fluffy, hungry rumblebear! The rumblebear has lost its family, and Charlie is sure she can help it find them. But first, she’ll have to hide the rumblebear from the angry mayor, and it’s not easy to hide something that roars like a lion and won’t stop eating!