Build Resilience: Anxiety And Self-Esteem

Honor Head
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Kids can find the world we live in daunting and a bit scary. There’s just so much going on with climate change, social media and pressures to work out what it is you want to do in life – even at this young age! This book will help young readers explore some common areas of anxiety and conflict on the topic of ANXIETY and SELF-ESTEEM in a fun and gentle way.

This book helps build character skills, such as empathy, respect and perseverance. Increasingly, the value of solid character skills is considered just as important as academic skills and this book is a great foundation for developing the flexible mindset needed to cope with our ever-changing world. To thrive, kids that can Bounce Back and build resilience will have a head-start on their peers.

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Nick Forshaw, William Exley (Illustrator)


Angela McAllister