Barkly Mansion and the Weirdest Guest

Melissa Keil
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An adorably funny series about a slightly odd house that’s turned upside down when a new friend comes to stay. 

There is absolutely NOTHING weird about Cookie, Kyle, Fizzy and Lady Delilah. Except that they live in a mansion — and they’re dogs.

There’s NOTHING weird about their home on Sullivan Street either – until the day a gorilla named Edmund comes to live with them.

Then things do start to get a little weird …

In this sweet, goofy new series for 6+, four loveable friends will learn to get along with the strangest creature they’ve ever met, and discover that sometimes you can get what you want without barking like crazy – whether it’s persuading the evil bunnies next door not to woodchip your favourite stick, or convincing the fancy club at Movie Night to let your weird new housemate sit with them.