A Wisdom of Wombats

Jackie French
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What a lovely collection of books this A Wisdom of Wombats boxset is. Children who love animals are going to fall in love with this collection thanks to the witty writing and fantastic artwork.

This collection is brought to us by the very talented Australian author, Jackie French who has a real love for wombats! Jackie and Bruce Whatley have created some truly fantastic tales about wombats in these books. What is fun is that children will be learning about these amazing creatures and having fun at the same time.

This boxset features a truly amazing collection of books, each one telling a new tale about Mothball who is the most famous wombat in the world. Kids will fall in love with Mothball and want to read each book multiple times. These books may also help a child fall in love with the amazing world of books. Plus, it will give them a whole new level of appreciation for wombats and that is pretty awesome!

Key Features:

  • This set is packed with fun, interesting and amusing wombat stories
  • Jackie French is one of the top children’s authors in Australia
  • The artwork in each story is truly adorable
  • Kids who love animals will really enjoy these stories
  • This would be a fun way to encourage a child to read

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