100 Things To Know About Inventions

Clive Gifford
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Quirky illustrations with easily digestible information, this book is a compilation of 100 amazing inventions you need to know about.

How do you sum up the worlds amazing inventions in just 100 words? This striking book takes on the challenge! From helicopters to fireworks, each of the carefully chosen 100 words has its own 100-word long description and quirky illustration, providing a fascinating introduction to incredible inventions from history to the modern day. Basically, everything you need to know in a nut shell. Along with some expected inventions, such as trains and Internet, you’ll also discover less predictable inventions that will give you a fresh perspective. With balloons and submarine, you can explore the risks some inventors had to take. Through paper and pencil imagine how such seemingly simple objects would have been groundbreaking at the time of invention; whereas some inventions, such as skates, had a very funny beginning! With a clean, contemporary design, each word occupies a page of its own. A large striking illustration neatly encapsulates the accompanying 100 words of text.

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