100 Facts: Knights & Castles

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100 Facts Knights and Castles is a fascinating illustrated children’s book, presenting life in the Middle Ages for 710 year olds. Discover how castles were built, what made a good knight and how castles were defended. Covering a wide range of topics from kings and peasants to tournaments, 100 numbered facts will challenge children, encouraging reading from start to finish. Every page features detailed illustrations, while activities, quizzes and cartoons add further information and an extra element of fun, making 100 Facts Knights & Castles the perfect introduction to this thrilling topic. Topics covered: Castle life, First castles, Building a castle, Whos who in the castle, From kings to peasants, How to be a good knight, Ready for battle, Colours and coats of arms, Famous knights, A castle tour, Feasts and fun, Songs and poems, Knights and dragons, Practice for battle, Friend or enemy, Under attack, Defending a castle, Off to the crusades, Garters and elephants, Warriors from the East, Famous castles.