Parents Buying Guide and Instructions

If you have clicked on this page you most likely have a child at school or child care and have received an invite to a book fair!

Your 'Book Fair' may be...

Traditional – books to browse at the school / centre

traditional + online – as above plus the opportunity to browse / purchase from home

online only – purchase from home, no books to browse through at school

Get the whole family involved. It’s easy, it’s fun, it’s educational and fantastic value for money!

Best of all – your school / centre earns up to 30% commission on all books sold during the book fair

FREE SHIPPING – All orders are delivered free to the school – just enter your Book Fair ID at the bottom of the checkout page. You’ll be browsing through a world of interesting and educational books in a matter of minutes.

Buying Books at a Traditional Book Fair

Most schools and centres will allow time for the children to browse through the hundreds of titles available.

Your children may bring home a wish list with a number of titles written down that they are interested in

It’s totally up to you to purchase none, some or all of the books on the wish list. To purchase the books on the list you can

  • Place the correct cash in an envelope with the wish list. Your child will take this to the fair for payment and bring the books home
  • On the back of the wish list there is the option to fill out credit card details for payment. Your child will take this to the fair for payment and bring the books home as well as a credit card receipt
  • Payment in Person. If parents are allowed into the book fair you can pay by card at the fair using the provided eftpos machine

You or your children may also browse and purchase without a wish list during the book fair

Browsing & Buying Books at an Online Book Fair

Click on the link provided on the emailed book fair invite or simply go to

No need to log in or register.

Step 1.

Click on the red SHOP NOW button and then any of the category links to start browsing OR click the white SEARCH BOOKS button to look for a specific title.

Step 2.

Clicking on a book image will provide you with a detailed summary of the book.

Step 3.

If you / your child like the book, click Add to Cart.

Step 4.

Continue shopping by clicking the SHOP link

Step 5.

Click the red Cart icon at the top right of the page. Click View Cart or skip the next step by clicking Checkout.

Step 6.

Scroll down and click on Proceed to Checkout (ignore shipping costs as books will be delivered to the school for collection)

Step 7.

When filling in the billing and payment details & please remember to add the name of your School or Early Learning Centre.


Step 8.

Additional Info (Book Fair Details) found at the bottom of the payment page. If buying as a gift, write GIFT in the class name section and we will wrap in brown paper and advise the school to contact you for collection!

Step 9.

Type the 4 digit code from Invitation flyer into Book Fair ID field – this number identifies your school / centre

* This code also ensures that there will be NO SHIPPING CHARGES added to your order *

*NOTE without this ID number your school may not receive the 30% commission from your purchase until verified by the book fair organiser

Type Student name and class to ensure delivery to correct classroom

Paying for the Wish List Books Online

  • If your child has a wish list and you would prefer to pay online (rather than using the back of the form), simply follow the same instructions above, but use the search bar to find the books written on the wish list.
  • Then add the books to the cart and Proceed to Checkout, filling in all fields as above

*Buying books at a traditional + online book fair combine all aspects of the above*

We hope you and your family thoroughly enjoy the Book Fair experience.