Beginner reading Books for 6 year Olds

Our books for 6 year olds offer something of interest to so many – but importantly are suitable for teaching children to read and become independent readers.

Turning six is a big year for children as they start to learn beginning sounds, to sh-chunk a word together, learn sight words and much more. This is important work that children learn in school that parents have to guide children through at home as they master words and become confident readers. (Here’s some great tips for reading with your 6 year old to build their reading confidence.)

As with anything in life, some will find it easier than others. What makes it easier is reading books that are suitable from an education point of view but are also of interest to children

At The Book Warehouse we have a long history or being aligned to delivering quality educational books. Our difference – we provide an extensive range of quality books at low, low prices so parents and schools can offer children a wide selection of books to read.

All our books are new and our titles include modern and refreshing stories, well-loved classics and a huge selection of “non-fiction” books for children more interested in the world – nature, animals, space, dinosaurs, how things work and so on.

Our Books for 6 year olds tend to be suitable for a the age range of 6 – 9 years to accommodate different abilities, with more advanced books being chapter books. Buying a book in this selection will likely grow with them and be a favourite they return to for a few years.

Here’s a few books ideas to get you started.

Our books for 6 year olds include books about fun pets and animals
Princess Tales Around the World - Once Upon a Time in Rhyme with Seek-and-Find Pictures
Our books for 6 year olds include humourous stories.

The following titles and subjects continue to charm young readers:

  • The Very Bear Series (Cranky, Hungry, Itchy)
  • Dorothea MacKellar’s iconic poem, A Sunburnt Country, beautifully illustrated by Andrew McLean, depicts Australia in all its contrasts.
  • Colouring books and Jigsaw sets (At the Zoo, Dinosaurs and more)
  • Friendship books like the hilarious Pugnacious & Scuttlebutt and Bat Vs Poss in the paperbark tree.
  • Brer Rabbit Short Stories
  • Animal detective stories, like fantastic The Royal Rabbits series by the talented Montifiore team.
  • Holly Webb’s heart-warming Puppy Series of lost hounds.
  • Unicorn stories by Daisy Sunshine – adored widely by girls – like Unicorn Magic and Unicorn, University
  • The Follow Your Feelings series where kids learn about being ‘sad’ or ‘worry’ for example, to help them make sense of things
  • Dragon books
  • Science related books like Simple Science Experiments: Matter and Materials
  • Books on Australian wildlife
  • Activity books, brain boosters
  • LEGO books that cover a range of topics from superheroes to Harry Potter and Disney Princess and much more.

To search and buy books, just click on the button below.


Super Value for 6 year olds – Bundle & Save

At the Book Warehouse we believe in the value and joy of reading and ensuring bright and interesting books are accessible to young readers. We’d rather see kids with their noses in a book rather than glued to a screen. There is a timeless tradition that comes from turning a page. Which is why our books are around 50% off the normal listed RRP from publishers.

Our discounts don’t stop there. With our Shop & Save Deal the price drops even lower. Purchase 5 or more books from our picture books or junior fiction and you’ll get an extra 20% at check-out. Buy in bulk for your child and their friends and pop them in your present drawer.

Simply click on the bundle banner below and start shopping.

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We also offer a $5 price per book on bundle deal on classic Enid Blyton books. Practically anything you want to buy in bulk we can offer a special price for you – with free shipping on orders over $75. Just start shopping and we’ll calculate the total discount at check-out.

If you want to stock up your personal library or your school library, get in touch today with your budget and we’ll come back to you with a suggested pack.

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10 Reasons to buy from The Book Warehouse

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If it’s on our website, it’s available now – no waiting or back-orders.
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Returns and Refunds allowed.
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Australian owned and operated for 30 years. Talk to us – we can help choose the right books for your child, centre or school.
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We buy from Australian publishers who support Australian authors and illustrators.
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Huge discounts on quality books, so your $ go further.
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Books have an educational value while helping to foster a love of reading and learning.
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Fast & Free shipping on orders over $75 Australia wide. Flat rate of $8.50 for all orders under $75.
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Our books and board games are used by some of Australia’s leading early learning organisations.
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Secure payment options, secure privacy.
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We support schools and ELCs through book fairs, giving a share of commission for fund-raising projects.
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