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When buying a book for a child, it helps to be able to select books by age. Which is why at The Book Warehouse we make it easy for you to find the right book or books for children. We’ve categorised our books and created special age-specific pages for you to jump to the chase.

Plus, we give you some helpful hints on what to read to read to a child according to their age and development – and once they are independent readers, what books are popular with other readers around their age.

For over thirty years, The Book Warehouse has been providing new, heavily-discounted books to families, early learning centres and schools. Our catalogue features some of Australia’s – and the world’s – best loved children’s authors and illustrators. We have discounts on top of discounts so your book budgets can go further – and we offer free shipping on orders over $75.

Simply click on the thumbnails below for advice and suggestions on books for the age you have in mind.

Once you are on the age page you can refine your search even further by simply clicking on one of the category thumbnails at the top of the page .

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We buy from Australian publishers who support Australian authors and illustrators.

Huge discounts on quality books, so your $ go further.

Books have an educational value while helping to foster a love of reading and learning.

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Our books and board games are used by some of Australia’s leading early learning organisations.

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We support schools and ELCs through book fairs, giving a share of commission for fund-raising projects.